Non-competitive Model Experience Day
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6th -  8th October 2023 

Village Hotel, Manchester, Ashton

Pamir Drive, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL7 0LY

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Admission to AMOTY 2023 is a standard entry price of £30.

The entry fee, includes access to the competition (photo-shoot & catwalk).  Your entry fee will have been paid when you applied. 


This covers the administrative cost of processing your application.

Payment is required upon submitting the application form. 

Please note: this fee does not cover the cost of your stay in the Hotel or participating in any of the social eventsIt is optional to stay at the Village Hotel and it is not mandatory to attend the social events. 


Booking your overnight stay(s) should be booked directly through the hotel, A discount code with booking info will be emailed to you once this becomes available.

The entrants fee includes your entry to both the photo-shoot and catwalk.


If you have family or friends that wish to see you on the catwalk, or attend any of the social events with you they will require tickets for entry. These will become available closer to the event.



Staying at the hotel is not mandatory, you can choose to visit for the days on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday or find your own accommodation. 

Booking your accommodation should be done through the Village Hotel Website.

Use discount code PRO10A when booking.

You can stay at the Village Hotel Ashton (Main Venue) or Village Hotel Hyde (10/15 min drive from main venue)

Staying at the hotel is not mandatory. 

For the best weekend experience, we recommend staying at the Village Hotel Ashton.

To enhance your weekend Model House experience, you can choose an optional upgrade. 

You don't need an upgrade to take part in the contest. 


*Upgrades are not entry to the 2023 contest, before purchasing an upgrade you should complete the application form.

Please do not purchase an upgrade until you have paid your entry fee via the application form. 

Weekend Pass Upgrade  - £60


*Option to pay 50% now and the remaining amount on arrival. 


  • Commemorative AMOTYville Model House wrist band

  • Limited edition AMOTYville Model House Lanyard

  • Access to drinks reception  - Friday 

  • 5 digital images from your photo-shoot


Access to live bands:

Ward XVI - Saturday Rock Night

Ghozt (A Tribute to Ghost) - Sunday After Party

Influencer Meet & Greet

Craig Dowsett 

From the Horror Adaptation of Winnie-The-Pooh

Trailer here

Emily Boo

Alternative Youtuber / Blogger

*A £1.50 Transaction fee is applied to cover our PayPal fees. Tickets are collected at the venue upon arrival

Family and friends are welcome to accompany you to the photo-shoot stage of the competition without requiring a ticket. Access to the catwalk, live bands and drinks reception are ticketed events. 

Tickets are available here.

Any of your guests are also welcome to use the promo code for accommodation.

Contestants: do not require a ticket for the catwalk or photo-shoot (this is included in your paid entry fee, however if you wish to attend any of the social events, you will need to purchase an upgrade.



7pm - 11pm: Ballroom of  the undead

Drinks Reception

& optional photo-shoot

*Upgrade / Weekend Pass Required


Time TBC: Competitive Photo-Shoot

Time TBC:  Traders Market

  Time TBC: Influencer Meet & Greet

*Upgrade / Weekend Pass Required

7pm Doors: House of Horrors & Rock Night

*Upgrade / Weekend Pass Required

Best dressed prizes to be won


12pm: Contestants to

be ready for catwalk


1pm - 6pm: Competitive Catwalk


8pm - 11pm: Survivors Party

*Upgrade / Weekend pass required


Please note the social events are still a work in progress, details will be added when more information becomes available


*Times are subject to change

Q: Can Family / Friend accompany me to the event?

A: If you have anyone accompanying you, please be aware that they may be required to purchase a ticket to some events. The photo-shoot will not require a ticket for access. However, access to bands, drinks reception, after party, and catwalk will require a weekend pass, these are not the same as contestant upgrades. Purchase of weekend passes will be available soon.  

Q: Do I need to stay at Village Hotel?

A: It is not mandatory to stay at the Village Hotel, you can choose to visit for each event or alternatively, find your own accommodation. We are not responsible for booking your over night stays or travel. We will not be able to assist you with travel or hotel enquiries. 

Q: Is there a discount code for staying at the Village Hotel?

A: Yes, as soon as this becomes available we will let you know. 


Q: Are there any changing facilities/cloak rooms? 

A: You should arrive as ready as possible for both stages of the pageant (Photo-shoot and catwalk). 

We recommend using your hotel room to get ready or arriving as ready as possible, limited changing facilities will be available in the function rooms. Cloak rooms will not be available, you will be responsible for your personal belongings throughout the weekend. 

Q: How should I style/dress for the competitive events?

The below is a guide only and are not strict rules that are in place, however should be considered along with a common sense approach should you wish to apply the use of prosthetic make-up or masks:

A: This year's catwalk is NOT themed: Full or half masks are not recommended as this impacts the judges ability to see who you are.  If you feel a mask is vital to your outfit, please ensure this can be removed at the end of the catwalk. The use of advanced FX (Prosthetics) is not recommended or should at least be limited i.e. not covering your full face and or not changing facial features to a point were you are no longer recognisable. horns, false abrasions, cuts and use of fake blood is okay as long as this is kept to a minimum.


Exceptions to the above:

  • Facial coverings for religious purposes

  • The use of facial prosthetics for gender identity or medical purposes

  • Body modifications 

Make-up can be styled however you see fit.

You will need 2 outfits for the competitive events, 1 for the photo-shoot and the other for the catwalk. 

You should wear something that reflects your individuality and creativity. 

For any of the social events; the above guidelines do not apply. 

Due to the limited availability and exclusive nature of the event, under no circumstances will we issue a refund on entry fees or upgrades if you  can no longer attend or simply change your mind. Entry cannot be re-sold.

If you become unwell, test positive for COVID-19 or have to self isolate, you should let us know that you're no longer able to attend. Your application will be retained for a future date. Refunds on the entry fee will not be permitted in these circumstances. 

Alternative Model of the Year does not accept any responsibility of changes to our event that are beyond our control. 

Photos: Refunds on photos will not be permitted after the event has taken place. This is because we waste no time in getting your images ready. A great deal of admin and editing time goes in to producing images. Once you have received the images, we will not be able to go back and alter these. 

Changes to influencers and bands: We make every effort to ensure the line-up for the meet and greet and live acts will still be in place when the event can finally go ahead, any changes to these are simply beyond our control. Suitable alternatives will be booked should the current line-up change. If you are not satisfied  with the changes, we kindly ask that you outline this in an email to us, you may be eligible for a partial refund on the upgrade.

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